Lancaster’s Professor Maggie Mort Discusses Data Gathered From Children’s Stories of Flooding.

The Workshop

UK Underwater 2020 was a day-and-a-half (virtual) workshop through the Data Science Institute at Lancaster University for international and local data scientists, science communicators, and journalism educators in June 2020.

The workshop was related to flooding analysis and reporting when scientists and communicators are challenged to express the science and solutions surrounding increasingly widespread and dangerous flooding in the UK.

The effort now is to form a collaboration surrounding these issues and the goals below for public-facing efforts across the UK related to communicating data and environmental science, and storytelling about flooding, the causes for environmental change, and possible solutions to reduce risk.

Our Goals:

•Share and engage with innovative research, journalism, and storytelling

•Develop a research-based journalism and storytelling consortium

•Build opportunities for data-driven visualizations and virtual reality journalism

•Identify and apply for funded research and journalism projects